I used to dream when I was wee

That I'd paint beneath a Silver Birch Tree

Years have passed and that dream has come true

Come and look what I've created for you.

Award- winning artist Sharon McDaid, works primarily in oil on canvas and is now

regarded as an emerging talent in Irish contemporary painting. Her painting are inspiring

by her native Inishowen. These distinctive works capture perfectly the immediacy and diversity of the

ever-changing light and shade of the Irish landscape. Suggestive mark making and a unique ability to exploit the medium enable Sharon to produce these exciting works that leave something to the viewers imagination.


Over the past 20 years, Sharon has exhibited her work widely at home and abroad and her works have become part of many public and private collections. She also exhibits from her own gallery / studio in Carndonagh, North Inishowen. The gallery houses three spacious

exhibitions rooms that carry a body of original oils, mixed media artworks and a large collection of

limited edition Giclee prints. The Silver Birch also houses Sharon's painting studio where visitors can find the artist there working on her latest collection.

The gallery also offers a full bespoke framing servicewith a large range of moulding to choose from. Canvas reproductions and photo enlargement are some of the many services available on site.